We are all on this visionary journey of life together.

cheer I am here to support you, collaborate with you, cheer you on and assist you as you discover and rediscover the life you imagine living.
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My own life experiences have led me to understand that as we perform on the stage of life, the ideal backdrop is the vision we hold of possibility, the hope we secretly harbor for our happiness and peace of mind and the impossible dreams we keep hidden in our hearts. Find out more about Susan

I am here to partner with you to facilitate your next act, help you listen for cues and learn your lines. I have traveled the world, baked sugar-free cookies, traipsed the concrete hallways of the cities, worked with the poor, made macaroni and cheese for thousands and settled in the Rocky Mountain west. I have learned just this: life is what we make it. See Stories

Virya Visions is all about making life decisions, learning to embrace change, lining up every day life with your dreams, discovering how to make the impossible possible and becoming free to imagine, free to create and free to live the life of your dreams.

Coaching with Susan helped me uncover, separate out, discard, choose and synthesize various aspects of myself and my life. Places where I felt stuck shifted due to a change in perspective and behavior. I gained courage and could finally stand for my soul. I began to see how I could direct and choose what might life would be. I found a renewed sense of my own self worth and with Susan’s support and encouragement, I could let go of the old me …and then in the face of the unknown, create something new. ~ Rosalind, United Kingdom

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It is said that without vision, we perish. My message is that
with vision, we flourish!
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